COViD-19 Response

Updated 28 January 2022

England has now lifted the Plan B Covid restrictions. In line with national best practice, our services will continue as follows:

  • Weekday services will be designated as ‘COViDsensitive’ services which means:
    • There will be no singing (thereby reducing the risk of virus spread through droplets or aerosols within the building);
    • A greater level of social distancing can be assured at these quieter services for those who remain anxious about crowded spaces.
  • Our Principal Sunday Service (11am) can afford worshippers greater personal space should this be desirable. A system of laminated cards will be introduced that can be placed beside you in a pew or upon a chair if you wish the space immediately next to you to be kept empty.
  • The clergy and altar-party will continue to observe virus-aware practices in both preparing and delivering services.
  • Hand sanitisers will remain in use at our main doors.
  • It is now a matter of personal choice about whether a facemask is worn, remembering that we are told that we wear them for the sake of others and not ourselves.
  • We are using personal service booklets for most services, and you are encouraged to keep them and use them again in the week.
  • It is now permissible to exchange the Peace physically, with particular care extended to those who remain anxious about personal contact. Those who are anxious should not feel pressure to accept an outstretched hand, and others should not see a refusal as an affront to them.
  • You will be asked by the priest if you wish to receive communion in one or both kinds. Either is theologically and spiritually acceptable as is receiving a blessing alone if you would prefer. If you wish to receive Holy Communion in both kinds, the priest will dip your wafer into the wine for you and place the Sacrament into your hands. Any personal blessings may be made in a noncontact fashion.
  • Communion will be administered from the centre of the sanctuary step (or in front of the altar where the altar is not in a sanctuary) and you will be asked to come forward one-by-one or as parent-child/family units as appropriate.
  • Clergy will no longer be required to wear masks during the administration of the Holy Communion as they may need to communicate with you but will remain virus-aware in their practice. At ‘COViDsensitive’ services, clergy will continue to administer the sacrament masked.

For advice to churches from the Church of England, follow this link

For advice from Public Health England, follow this link

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