New year, new branding

We are delighted to be able to launch a new look for St Stephen Hounslow. Following consultation with our congregation and our PCC, we worked with local designer Rachel Lawston ( to come up with a logo that incorporates much of the symbolism associated with St Stephen. As you’ve probably already noticed, we are startingContinue reading “New year, new branding”

A Church Reborn – A COViD Reflection

There was the time before coronavirus, the time of its spread around the world and then there was time after when it became a part of a new normality. In March 2020 I took my pre-Easter retreat and broke one of my own rules – I took a means to access the internet. We wereContinue reading “A Church Reborn – A COViD Reflection”

Welcome to our new Website

Thank you for looking at the shiny new website for St. Stephen’s. This replaces the previous site which had graced the world-wide web for over a decade, and now comes with an easy-to-remember domain name! New websites are always works in progress and this site was constructed during the 2020 COViD-19 pandemic. Keep returning toContinue reading “Welcome to our new Website”